Murder at Maison McNutt: Acadia Halloween 2007

It was a dark and stormy night at Maison McNutt. With the lightning flashing outside the window, and rain splashing against the tattered roof, a gathering of old debating chums took place. Reunited after years apart, the debaters dressed in their Halloween best, and gathered together on All Hallow’s Eve to celebrate their years together. Like all debaters, they spent time arguing about the issues of the day.

But when the lights flickered for only a moment, the arguing turned to murder.

Join Acadia University’s Paul Tom Debating Society for a Halloween murder mystery complete with costumes, public speaking, and a haunted house full of fun.

The two day tournament will feature no supper, unfortunately, but it will have Breakfast and a society-cooked Pasta lunch on Saturday. If you have any dietary concerns let us know, but we’re working to be prepared for anything. Accommodations will be provided in Crowell Tower, with bedding and everything, which is also where our social will be held. It’s usually a great environment, but certain behavioural standards might be expected in a residence environment. Also, to add to the horror, if the building is set on fire there’s no ladders to reach the 11th Floor.

Registration will be set at $60 per Team, $25 per judge. These could theoretically change, we’re still working on the awesome awards we plan on giving out.

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Captain’s Blog w/ President Kipping – August 18th, 2007

Captain’s Blog, Debate 1.0893

The PTDS Cruiser is ready for its new beginning. New faces, new places, a new era. As president of this organization I have a responsibility to bring this society home – home to good times, alcohol, and good quality debates.

In the past the PTDS has been known for cases from the serious to the far fetched, from the grand to the grandiose, from wicked awesome to wickedly awful. This is about to change. We are going to have cases that are creative yet strong. Fun yet legit.

The PTDS Cruiser is on a big journey this year. It will host the biggest tournament in the East Coast. It has Nationals happening practically on its doorstep. And, I as President of this fine ship (er, I mean club), plan to use these opportunities to the best of my ability to make the crew better than ever.

Here on this blog will be the updates of the PTDS. It’s continuing mission: to explore brand new cases, to find new debaters and new clubs…To boldly go and kick ass where we have not before.

*cue music*

[Editor’s Note: “Doo DOOOOOO, Dooo doo doo doooooooooo, DOOO doooo DOOOO, doo doo doo DOOOOOO”]

Welcome to PTDS: The Blog!

Hey everyone,

Acadia University’s Paul Tom Debating Society would like to welcome everyone to this, the PTDS Blog. Here, you’ll find all the latest news and information about the Paul Tom Executive, Meetings, Tournament Results, and even images. This is a place for new students to gather information about the society, for returning students to get back up to speed, and for alumni to perhaps get a glimpse at the current goings-on of the PTDS.

Over the next few weeks you’ll be meeting more executive members, receiving information on exciting upcoming events, and enjoying more pictures. In the meantime, check out the links to the right for more information on debating and the PTDS in general, and stay tuned! You can also check out what our highly attractive Executive looks like, as we await final profile information.

All the best,

Myles McNutt

Tournament Director / Technical Director